Remini vs Pixlr: Which Photo Editing App is best for you?

Remini and Pixlr are both popular image-editing apps. One of them uses AI, and the other makes up for this deficiency by using its awesome editing tools. Both of these apps offer tools to restore your old, damaged, and blurred photos. In this article, we have given you a detailed comparison between Remini Vs Pixlr. Read this blog and find for yourself which one is better than the other.

remini vs pixlr

Remini App

Remini is an AI-based new photo editing app that converts low-quality photos into high-quality photos. This is the app that you can use to enhance an old photo or you can also improve the quality of a damaged photo and you can also restore these damaged photos. Furthermore, you can also increase the pixels of a photo in case of improving its quality. In fact, this app uses AI to do all of its work. As we know, in modern times AI is ruling all over the world. So, now we can also use AI to edit our photos. If we talk about Remini, it is a very popular app on Android and iOS.

Features of Remini ReminniApp


Pixlr editor is a free-to-use platform for your graphics and photo editing needs. After using Pixlr I have found that it has a user interface almost like Adobe Photoshop. Furthermore, it is also the best platform for editing your photos and graphics online. It is a web-based application, so you don’t have to install this on your device.

Photo editing and photo retouching can be done easily on any device. Moreover, its mobile application also works very well. It comes with a variety of stock photos and templates and it is applied for editing images to be used in poster designs, cards, and other graphic design projects.

Features of Pixlr Reminniapp

Remini vs Pixlr: Key Differences

Technology Use AI TechnologyOnline image editing tool
PlatformMobile App and Remini WebWeb Application and mobile app
PurposeEnhance the quality of your photosImage editing manipulation
Pricing ModelLimited free features, main features are paidBasic version is free, premium subscription required for additional features
Target usersUsers with low quality resolutionCasula users, professional editors
UpscalingSpecial for upscaling low- resolution mediaProvides basic and simple upscaling features
RestorationOffer photo restoration featureProvides basic photo restoration feature
FiltersLimited filter optionsHuge collection of filters and effects to apply
User interfaceSimple and user’s friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface with a lot of basic and advance tools.
SpeedIt is an AI-based application so its speed depends upon the size of complexity of the mediaFor basic editing it provide immediate result, for high quality work it takes some time
Text & GraphicsIt doesn’t support adding text and graphicsIt supports texts and graphics to the image
AvailabilityReminniApp.comAvailable on Google Play Store

Remini vs Pixlr: Pros and Cons

Now, we will talk about the pro and cons of these two apps i.e., Remini and Pixlr.

Pros & Cons of Remini


  • Suitable for beginners
  • AI technology make enhancement look cool
  • Great for restoring old, blurred and damaged photos
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Reasonable pricing and free download access


  • Limited editing Features as compare to desktop
  • Only available for mobile devices
  • Require subscription for advanced features

Pros & Cons of Pixlr


  • It provides a vast range of editing options and tools
  • It has the ability to save your work history within the browser and also in a file
  •  It has a large database and uses copyright-free background images.
  • Large selection of fonts.


  • You can’t save you work history at once
  • The number of templates is still low.
  • Difficult for new users to understand


No, there is no official application of Remini for desktops. But you can use Remini on a desktop by installing an Android emulator in your PC.

Yes, we can use Pixlr on Android as well. It is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Yes, you can use the Remini app for free but with limited features. And if you want to use some advanced and premium features, then you can purchase its subscription.

Yes, Remini is available on both Android and iOS mobiles. You can download Remini on your iOS device and can use its amazing AI tools.


When it comes to selecting the best app for photo editing it is difficult to choose which app we shall use. Well, these both apps are super useful in editing old photos and restoring damaged photos. Each app comes with its own specs and features. If we talk about Remini, it is only for beginners and has limited editing tools. On the other hand, Pixlr also comes for Desktops. If you are a new user and just want simple editing for your photos you should use Remini. And if you are a professional and want advanced and professional tools then we suggest you use Pixlr.

So, it’s up to you which app you want to use for your photo editing.

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