Remini web vs Remini Mobile App: A Detailed Comparison

In digital photography everyone wants their picture to be crystal clear, this quest for crystal-clear images is never-ending. Remini is the best platform dedicated to this purpose but users often get in a conundrum of whether they should use Remini web or Remini Mobile app. Therefore, in this blog, we have given you a thorough comparison between these two, Remini web vs Remini Mobile App. So let’s see which one is best.

remini web vs remini mobile app

Remini Mobile App

The mobile app of Remini packs all the amazing AI tools, including AI photo Enhancer, color correction, AI Avatar Generator, and AI Headshot Generator, and can easily download from Google Play Store or App Store. The main benefit of the mobile app is that you can easily carry your mobile anywhere you want and can access Remini anywhere, which in the case of the web version may be a little bit different. If you are just using it for normal use then the mobile version is the best for you.

remini mobile app features remini app

Features of Remini Mobile App

In the comparison between Remini web vs Remini Mobile App the key features are one of the major factor that sperate these two. Key Features of Remini Mobile App are following:

AI Headshots: For now AI Headshots are only available in the mobile version of Remini, which gives it an upper hand in this comparison.

AI Avatar: Just like AI headshots, AI avatars are also limited to the mobile version that separates it from Remini web or Remini PC.

Accessibility: If we talk about accessibility then the mobile version is easier to access than the Remini web because the mobile is more easy to carry allowing you to use Remini anywhere.

Connectivity: It is another key feature that separates it from the web, the mobile app gives you easy connectivity to other apps. It allows users to post directly on various social media platforms.

Remini Web

If we talk about Remini web then the main advantages of using Remini on web will be the bigger screen of your PC, the more processing power, and a comfortable workspace. For now, the web version has limited features but it may change in the future. Some users prefer a web version of an app for them, Remini web will be the best option if they want to further enhance their photo in any way.

remini web features remini app

Features of Remini Web

Below are the Key differences that separate Remini web from mobile version:

API Feature: Remini web has an API specially for the developers that you can use on your website. It acts as an open source allowing you to add a Photo Enhancer in your website or app.

Photoshop plugin: Another amazing feature of Remini web is the Photoshop plugin that you can use in Photoshops and enhance your image further before edit.

Export Quality: The web version also provides you with more export quality than the mobile version of Remini.

Scalability: The web version is ideal for bulk processing, which is suitable for developers who need to enhance multiple images at a time.

Remini Web vs Remini Mobile app: Key Differences

FeaturesRemini WebRemini Mobile app
AI headshotsNoYes
AI AvatarsNoYes
Video enhanceYesYes
Photoshop PluginYesNo
Output ResolutionUp to 8KLimited to 1080p
User InterfaceFriendly, full screenFriendly, optimized
Push NotificationsYesYes
Colour CorrectionYesYes

Remini Web vs Remini Mobile app: Pros and Cons

Now, we will talk about the pro and cons of these two apps i.e., Remini and Pixlr.

Pros & Cons of Remini Web


  • Large Interface
  • Ideal for doing bulk edits
  • High output resolution
  • More Processing power
  • Friendly user interface
  • Has a Photoshop Plugin


  • Limited Features
  • Less convenient for quick edits

Pros & Cons of Remini Mobile app


  • Easy to carry
  • Ideal for quick edits
  • Friendly user interface
  • AI avatar generator
  • AI headshot generator
  • Easy connectivity


  • Small Interface
  • Compatibility limited on different devices
  • Low output resolution
  • Storage Limited on different devices


No, you do not need to create an account on Remini web or Mobile. You can simply download it and use it anonymously.

Yes, Features like AI Avatar Generator and AI Headshot are exclusive for the mobile app that are yet not available in web version.

The main difference would be that the web version has a more large interface and the mobile version has a small optimized screen. Otherwise they both are friendly and easy.

Yes, you can use it on any browser but the performance may vary for different browsers.


In summary, both the Remini Mobile app and Remini Web have their ups and downs. Some users prefer the web version and others prefer mobile. In the article ‘Remini web vs Remini mobile app’ we have given you a brief comparison of both versions for the users who are still in the gray area and cannot decide which version they should use. If you have a good computer or laptop I would recommend you to use the web version. It’s just my recommendation, the final decision is yours.

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