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Remini for iOS is a high level movie-grade picture and video editor and enhancer, which uses its powerful AI algorithms to turn and give your old photos a new and refreshing look. It also makes your normal picture a high-resolution one by increasing its pixels, and removing the unwanted stuff from your photo, like blur or any background object. This ultimately gives your photos and videos a vibrant look. This app is one of its kind, as unlike any other photo and video editing platforms, it uses AI to edit your photos and videos.

Remini For iOS
App NameRemini for iOS
DeveloperBending Spoons
GenrePhotography & Editing
Size256 MB
Latest Versionv2.9.115
Last Updated24h ago
Available foriPhone, Android, PC
Source – App Store

What is Remini for iOS

Remini for iOS lets its user to edit their photos and videos utilizing the powerful AI algorithms it has in store for them. Remini was developed by Bending Spoons, which is a software company located in Milan, Italy. Remini was founded by this company on July 21, 2019. As they were the only ones who found this ingenious idea of using AI to edit photos and videos, which greatly benefited them, as today it has millions of downloads from people all around the world. And it’s also being used for editing high-end movies as well. You can download this app from Apple store for free and enjoy it’s features. Some of the features of Remini are provided below.

Features of Remini for iOS

Remini for iOS provides its users with a plethora of features, which other photo and video editing platforms and apps haven’t even come close to providing. That is why, in our opinion, Remini is the only photo and video editing app you need to have in your device for photo and video editing. Among all these features, here are some of our user-favorite features:


Remini for iOS, other than being the best photo and video editor out there, also gives its users the ability to use it on any device they want. It will work smoothly on any android or iOS device and also will work like a charm, if you download on any PC or MAC even if the version of your OS is not the latest.

Movie Grade Editing

Remini for iOS, with its powerful tools, gives you the professional and movie-like feel you want, for your photos and videos like the ability to enhance photos and videos and also the ability to restore old photos a new and refined look. This type of editing is done due to the extraordinary fact that it uses AI to perform its actions, which ultimately enhances your photos and videos more than any other editor.

Low Battery Usage and Consumption

Remini for iOS with its extraordinary features and usage of AI will still consume less battery of your iOS device than any other photo and video editor out there. This was achieved by the developer by giving the app a simplistic design, and a to-the-point interface, which not only decreases its battery usage but also makes sure that it is easy to understand for a new user.

User-Friendly Interface

Remini for iOS with its sea of options gives you the flexibility you need while editing your photo or video. And even with all the features and options at your disposal, this app has a very friendly user interface. This makes sure that you can find and use all its spectacular features wherever you like. Remini has been made like this deliberately by the developer, so that even if a new user uses it, he or she doesn’t have to face any difficulties.

If you are new at video and photo editing, it can be very overwhelming to use Remini. Especially when there so many options. We’ve created so many tutorials on our website to help you go from a complete beginner to a professional video editor using Remini. One of our most popular tutorial is to use Remini to enhance your photos and videos.

How to download and install Remini for iOS?

Step 1

Go to the App Store and search for the Remini app.

Step 2

The Remini app page will open. You will see a “Get” button on the right side of the screen. Tap on the “Get” button.

Step 3

Now sometimes, you may be asked to enter your Apple ID and password or use Touch ID or Face ID to confirm your download. Enter the required information or follow the prompts to proceed.

Step 4

Wait for the app to download and install on your iOS device. This process may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 5

Once the installation is complete, you will see the Remini app icon on your home screen.

Step 6

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded the Remini app on your iOS device. 

Step 7

Now you can tap on it to open it, and utilize all its features that it has at your disposal to make your photo and video look stunning.

System Requirements for Remini for iOS

Operating SystemAbove iOS 14.0
RAM3GB or Higher
Storage Space267.2 MB or Higher
PermissionsCamera, Location, Wi-Fi, Photos, Phone Storage & Contacts


Yes, it is safe to download this app. It has been tested by several anti-virus and anti-malware software and apps, and it has always passed every test without a hitch. So therefore, it is virus and malware-free.

Yes it is absolutely safe to use it.We have tested it against many renowned antivirus softwares and it has always come clean.

The main Features of Remini include:
1 – Its ability to edit your old photos and make them look new.
2 – Removal of unwanted blur.
3 – If your photo is discolored, it even color corrects it.
4 – It has a very friendly UI.

Yes, for iOS and MAC the version is the same, but when it comes to te PC version of the Remini app, there are two different versions of the app. Remini Web & Remini Mobile App, which have ultimately the same features but are just tad-bit different, when it comes to the usage.

What is Remini Mod APK?

Remini Mod APK is a special and updated version of the official Remini App that comes with some additional features. You can download the Remini Pro Mod Apk from our website and enjoy all the premium and additional features to enhance, generate any upscale your photo editing skills in a seamless manner.

Final Words on Remini for IOS

As in today’s world, everyone likes to click pictures and wants their picture to look the best without putting in much effort while editing it. That is where Remini comes in, and edit your photos and videos in a couple of minutes and give you the best result possible.

What Remini has compared to other Photo editing platforms and apps is its capability to use AI. AI brings a whole new level to photo and video editing. The way Remini utilizes AI while editing your photos and videos is remarkable and with the features it provides you like removal of unwanted blur, addition of pixels, background removal, and many more nifty features just like this is what makes Remini the stand alone app which can give you the professional result you want within a couple of minutes.

We would highly recommend that you download Remini for your iOS device and use it at least once to edit your photos and videos. The easy to use Interface and the powerful features it provides will never let you turn back to your old photo and video editor. So, What are you waiting for? go ahead and download the Remini app if you haven’t already and use it to make your normal photos look professional and give them a fresh and refined look.

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