Remini Baby AI shows what your future baby will look like

The Remini Baby AI uses Artificial Intelligence to make pictures of what your children look like. But as Remini Baby AI is trending on social media, many questions are rising. According to David Barton, the CTO of cybersecurity firm High Wire Networks, users should use it with caution.

remini baby ai shows your future baby

CTO of cybersecurity, David Barton on Remini Baby AI

David Barton told ABC 7:

Braton also advised users to read the terms and conditions of apps to understand how their images will be used. Make sure to check the safeguards against third-party misuse of Artificial Intelligence.

Braton added:

“Are we giving future pictures of our kids to folks who might be using it for malicious purposes? I don’t know,” Braton said. “My gut says I wouldn’t do it. But, I’m a little older and more conservative than a lot of people. If you’re going to do it, understand there are risks. At the end of the day, we AI-manage our lives by the risks we deal with day in and day out.”

Well, that may sound terrifying, but I must know a very little about AI and how it uses generated data. It will be wise to be cautious about giving personal data to AI.

“If you’re going to do it, understand there are risks,” Barton told ABC7. “At the end of the day, we AI-manage our lives by the risks we deal with day in and day out.”

Remini’s Response

For its part, the parent company of Remini told the-Team:

“Remini lets users imagine their lives in various ways, with stunning realism. We prioritize the safety and fun of all our users while using our app. The app is always changing, and we will keep working to protect user privacy. We take data protection seriously and have strong protocols in place to safeguard user rights and let them enjoy the power of remini baby AI. “

Social Media Influcers on Remini Baby AI

TikTokers, who are social media influencers, are sharing their opinions on Remini Baby AI. Daisy Reyes, a TikTok influencer with about 500,000 followers, expressed her thoughts.

“I’m always looking at what’s the upcoming trend, the new trends. I’ve seen everybody, literally everybody, doing this trend. So you already know, I had to hop on it!” said Reyes.

She said that she recently heard about this app which tells you how your future kid will look like. She downloaded the app and uploaded a picture of her boyfriend, Rex, and hers. And the App generated a photo of her future baby by using Remini baby AI.

“When she showed it to me, I was kind of stunned. I thought it did kind of look like me,” said Rex Flores.

“I felt like it was a mixture, but definitely more like him,” Reyes added.

“Mothers or couples who have miscarried, and they didn’t get a chance to see the baby or have the baby, to see a picture of what the baby could look like would really uplift those who are struggling,” Reyes said.

Melissa Mc Duffie, a TikTok influencer with 200,000 followers, also tried the Remini app. She said :

“I really like this trend, because I’m at the age where I’m married, and I’m ready to start having children. I thought it would be interesting to see what they might look like. Artificial intelligence, the AI, can take your pictures and formulate this image, and it’s so realistic. I’m an aunt of eight children, and they look very similar to my nieces. And, it’s exciting. They’re really cute!”

McDuffle also said:

She added:

“For myself, I want to be a mother so bad, I could cry. More than anything, I want to be a mother. So, to see an image like that made me happy.”

Bending spoon clarified that they don’t use facial recognition in the app and store AI-generated images with a trusted U.S.-based provider. The company also said that users always keep possession of their data and the company does not sell, lease or trade users data.

Although this new feature by Remini has it’s own stories going behind the curtains. But certainly, a feature like remini baby AI is not free to use unless you have the premium version of Remini.

Stay updated on this matter and get to know more about the Remini baby AI in our news and updates section.

Source: Yahoo Finance Canada

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