Make an AI profile photo using Remini using these 7 easy steps

Make AI profile photo using Remini as it gives best result when it comes to professional approach. Remini AI profile photo lets the user to not only enhance their photos and videos but also make their professional profiles using this feature. It uses cloud-based AI technology to generate your photos and enhance them, it gives the user the option to choose the style of their photos if they are using it for making a professional business profile for uploading on a platform like Fiverr, UpWork or any other than you can choose the suits and blazers and it will generate an image so resembling that you can not even tell that it is generated by AI.

AI profile photo using Remini

There are many features other than making AI profile photo that make Remini the best in the business of photo and video editing. Such as enhance photos and videos, create amazing headshots, and also make AI avatars using it and many others. Some of these features are unique to Remini, but some others are available on a handful of other platforms as well and we have provided you with comparisons to those platforms as well. These comparisons include Remini vs Snapseed, Remini vs PicsArt and many others.

Steps how to generate AI profile photo using Remini

Now getting back to the topic at hand, If you want to know how to generate an AI profile photo using Remini just follow these simple steps and you can do it without any inconvenience…

Step 1:

First of all, download the Remini app on your device ( It can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple Store easily).

Step 2:

After downloading, it will ask for some permissions, make sure to enable them to use it without any inconvenience.

Step 3:

Then click on the AI profile picture icon on the bottom of your screen.

Step 4:

Then it will ask you to choose 8 photos of yours to generate a photo that totally resembles your face and is undetectable.

Step 5:

After selecting the photos it will ask you to choose a design among its collection so it can generate a photo that matches user intent.

Step 6:

Then it will begin generating your photos. It may take some time when you use it for the first time but it will be better after you have used it once.

Step 7:

When it is done generating your photos it will produce various photos and you can either choose one of them or download them all. You can also create a video of your photos in which they will change repeatedly.

If you still want to enhance your AI-generated profile picture then you can use tools like color, background enhancer, and face beautifier such features allow you to further add enhancement to your photos and make them look more stunning.

How does AI Profile Photo using Remini work?

As we discussed earlier, it is a cloud-based AI software that is trained technically has a grasp over machine learning, and can generate pictures by using such functions and produce realistic and unique profile pictures and avatars. It is just one of the amazing functions of AI software with the development of AI software. The world that we see in movies is not far when there will be AI smart enough to understand each and everything and they will be used as workers.

If you are amazed only by seeing that AI can generate such realistic photos only by taking a look at your photos then you have not seen anything. With developed software and machine learning AI can even generate a pic from scratch. You can give it any data and it can make you the photo that you desire with every detail you ask. That picture will be unique; you won’t find it on Google or anywhere. It will make by your given data from scratch.

AI also be used to add realistic backgrounds to your videos this function is not currently available in Remini but will be available soon and you can use cool and realistic backgrounds in your photos.

Adjusting your AI profile photo using Remini

Step 1: Enhance your photo

You can not only generate photos but you can also enhance the photos after your profile picture is generated. It is really helpful because if you need to enhance colours or other things you can use these features as well.

Step 2: Adjust colours

You can also adjust the colour of the photo and if you may seem it lacks some colours or needs adjustment you can use this feature to get unparalleled results.

Step 3: Improve facial features

This feature helps in improving facial features and it removes all kinds of blurs and sharpens your face. You can also beautify your face as well.

Step 4: Free of cost

Though most of these features are premium, you can use them totally for free if you download the remini mod apk from our website.


Remini AI profile picture generator can be a great help to non-photogenic people who want a professional profile picture for their business. It can generate a profile picture as you desire and you don’t have to do the hassle of hiring a photographer and waste your time in doing so.

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